Not only does Camp Okizu share on social media, so do many of the campers and the campers’ families. There’s no doubt that they know all the ins and outs, such as how to buy Instagram likes or knowing what hastags will get them trending. We are always delighted to read about their experiences at the camp and how much it means to them. If only we could give more than 1 like.

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The summer of 2019 was Camp Okizu’s 38th summer providing a safe place where our families can connect with and care for each other. We are honored to be a part of this community building process, and fully support the mission behind this camp. If you would like to support this amazing camp, now is the time! Now through September 30th, for every $1.00 you give, Okizu gets $3.00 due to generous matching gifts. Don’t forget to like and share their awareness posts on social media to help more families find this great camp! Send a Gift Today!

Thanks for choosing us to transport your campers, Camp Okizu! See you next summer.


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